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The actual Penn levelwind reels can be used in many different types of fishing say for example a casting reel pertaining to surf fishing deep sea bottom fishing jigging either from a boat or maybe a pier and trolling in both freshwater and deep sea. You can catch just about anything with these including your angling partner if your not careful.
These reels have precision machined stainless steel pinion gears together with high-strength bronze alloy major gears. Each reel has an anodized aluminum spool. Upvc composite side plates plus a warning clicker. These reels also feature a free of charge spool lever. Penn Levelwind Reels are made to take abuse coming from mother nature as well as reckless fisher men.
The Penn Levelwind Reels are tough man reels you simply can not find a better functioning or longer lasting levelwind fly fishing reel you can get more expensive kinds just not better Penn Reels has set the standard for excellence for nearly 4 decades and is like the energizer bunnie it keeps on likely and going.
Penn General Function Round Levelwind Reels 9M 209 in addition to 309-. Superficial spreading melanoma -Penn 9M 3.4-One particular gear ratio 13oz 12-15 LB275 yards This reel is a tough through an excellent drag and loud clicker merely watch out for backlashes. When illuminating these types of reels make sure to keep your thumb carefully on the line you may not solid as far nevertheless it wont jam as well as the back lash wont be as big a challenge.
The Penn 9M can be used for jigging lake fishing ocean angling river fishing and trolling an all around form of reel. I have seen hardly any people that have had issues with it. Some explained screws fell available or were coming loose a word to the wise always check ones gear before you leave your house.
A few said his or her clicker failed various other then these 2 problems everybody confirms that this reel is wonderful for what ever type of doing some fishing you do. Weather your own going for big catfish or maybe Tarpon the Penn 9M will do the job effectively.
Penn 209 2.8-One gear ratio 19oz Twenty LB320 yards This is a challenging guy reel it should take lots of abuse and it never fails to bring in the big ones. This reel has were standing the test of time and can continue to do so. This can be a type reel desired by charter boats for toughness and stability.
The Penn 209 can be used for jigging lower rigging lake fishing seashore fishing river fishing and trolling an all all-around type of reel. Similar to the 9M the 209 has few complaints against them mostly trivial or irritating theres always a few lemons although 99 of the time its a fantastic reel.
If your searching for a dependable reel thats not going to break the bank after that get a Penn 209 Reel it will give you years of pleasure excellent great value at a very reasonable price.
Penn 309 Only two.8-1 tools ratio 26oz 30 LB350 meters this is another tough guy reel this kind of reel can be used for jigging pond fishing ocean angling river fishing scan casting and trolling an exciting around type of baitcasting reel. If you are going to be throwing with this reel get yourself a thumb guard unless you have heavy duty calluses with your thumb.
The Penn 309 will provide you with years of great reef fishing this is a work indy of a reel trustworthy durable and sufficiently strong enough to bring up some really big sea food. Every body agrees for the investment this reel can not be beat from catfish for you to 5ft sharks this reel will handle the job.
Weve spent nearly 4.5 various hours searching the web been to over a dozens of websites read every single review I could locate and everybody offers similar stories to share with about how fantastic the Penn General Purpose Circular Levelwind Reels 9M 209 and 309 are. I personally own the particular 9M and 309 I have used most of these reels for over Three decades Superficial spreading melanoma Its a fairly common dialogue amongst readers and movie fans why is it that movies associated with books almost always paler in comparison to the book alone
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