The Basics Of Breast Reduction

Most of us think that big women chest represent beauty with femininity. Then, why women ask for reduction mammaplasty? To know that, you should to listen to women who are have experience with bigger breasts and understand what kind of experience they live through. The truth is, you will be surprised to find out about constant back and neck pain, gouges in their shoulders from bra straps, going to worse posture with an inability to attend many crucial activities due to oversized breasts. Then it is very easy to figure out why those women aim to have breast reduction surgery. For these women, big breasts are a nuisance.

Breast reduction is taken in case of breast hypertrophy. This usually occurs in both breasts and happens at puberty or some time after puberty is completed. Sometimes it occurs in the time of pregnancy, it’s not often, but enlargement does happen.

Plastic surgery can handle these conditions and solve the threat if the the woman is feeling unpleasant with the looks and condition. In case a patient feels it’s best to have reduction mammaplasty, a cosmetic surgeon has to respect that decision and go for a process of deciding is the woman in question capable for cosmetic operation.

Who Are Eligible Candidates?

Reduction mammaplasty is for those patients who have large breasts and need to finish with one or more problems they fight with:

1. Chronic shoulder, back and neck pain
2. Bad posture
3. Skin rash under the breasts
4. Deep grooves in the shoulders from bra straps
5. Reduced levels of activity
6. Low self-esteem
7. Difficulty fitting into certain clothing

It needs to be mentioned that about half of all men today have gynecomastia, which is an enlargement of one or both breasts. Male breast enlargement is possible to be caused by few different factors, and they are anti-depressants, blood-pressure medicine, steroids and other factors. Breast enlargement may not be dealt with diet and exercising. The breast reduction can be accomplished by liposuction.

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