The Best Stretch Mark Remover

Is there totally effective stretch mark removal option that will work for all stretch mark sufferers?  Not likely.  However, there are a number of stretch mark creams that are utilized with varying results.  More and more of these tend to lean toward the natural approach while others involve a more extreme approach, such as cosmetic surgery.  Removing stretch marks may be a complex process and require considerable time, depending on the stretch mark treatment selected, with the prices ranging from about $30 for an effective stretch mark cream to $1,000’s for plastic surgery or laser treatments.

Which cure works best for you will be dependent upon the age of your stretch marks, your skin type, and budgetary constraints.  A general summary of some of the more popular stretch mark removal methods are detailed below:

Don’t Forget To Hydrate Yourself

Drink just as much or more water as you drink coffee, tea, or soda. Stretchmarks may also be caused by some nutritional deficiencies. Drink lots of water (at least 2 liters every day) – not soda or juices – because it helps your skin stay elastic. If you drink a lot of coffee or black/green tea, drink 3l of water a day.

Take Skin Supportive Supplements

Vitamin E is a very key vitamin to take during pregnancy to minimize stretch marks. In addition, a cream containing Vitamin D will help in preventing stretch marks. But, because Vitamin E alone won’t work due to the large size of their molecule; the addition of lanolin, which has very small molecules, can be used to deliver the ingredients past the top layer of skin and help with skin elasticity.  If you have existing stretch marks, Vitamin E is believed to improve them by fading their appearance.

Stretch Mark Creams

Creams and lotions for stretch marks will not totally eliminate stretch marks, but will generally fade their appearance to the point where the affected skin blends with the surrounding healthy skin.  There are many stretch mark cremes and oils that have been specifically designed to maintain your skin taut and firm throughout pregnancy and actually help prevent stretch marks from developing.  The creams and lotions that penetrate the skin deeply will provide longer-lasting moisture that is essential to healthy skin. These stretch mark remover creams are usually recommended for evening applications to achieve the best results.

Surgical Options

Surgical procedures are generally the most expensive of the stretch mark removal methods, though repeated laser treatments can result in similar prices.  The truth is that surgical procedures are believed to be the most effective and conventional method in eliminating stretch marks. This method generally involves the removal of areas of skin where the stretch marks have developed.  The second type of surgical treatment that can help remove stretch marks is laser scar removal. This method is essentially non-invasive and doesn’t leave skin damage such as scars or incisions.

Laser treatment of stretch marks and scars are claimed to stimulate collagen production below the skin as the dermal skin layer absorbs the laser light, filling out the skin and helping to return pigment to the scarred area. However, there is still disagreement within the health care industry regarding using lasers to treat scars and stretch marks and many physicians and plastic surgeons believe that lasers cannot treat stretch marks.

In summary, the stretch mark remover alternatives mentioned above are all proven to work to varying degrees, depending on the sufferer’s skin type, age of the stretch marks, and available budget.  The least expensive of the stretch mark removers are the creams and lotions, which fade existing stretch marks and allow them to blend in with the surrounding skin.  This approach is one of the most convenient treatments and should be considered first — you may just be very pleased with the results while saving your hard-earned dollars!

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